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a coffee bus

serving craft small-batch nitro cold brew



Open Road Coffee Company is a coffee shop on wheels (for now)! Made in the mountains of Northwest Montana, our flagship product is craft small-batch Nitro Cold Brew Coffee that we serve straight off the tap from a vintage Mercedes Benz bus. Using only premium coffee, we've worked for a full year and a half to find just the right balance of flavor, texture and taste for you to enjoy. Basically, an experience like no other. 


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Cold Brew

So what exactly is Nitro Cold Brew and why is it so special? By now most people have at least heard of this unique coffee beverage but aren't exactly sure what it is and why it's so special! Let us fill you in. Served straight from the tap, Nitro Cold Brew Coffee never touches hot water, it's 100% alcohol free and when poured has a silky-smooth texture topped with a creamy head similar to a Guinness. While it's sweeter in taste and creamier than a standard cup of coffee, there is no dairy or sugar added. Simply stated, it's magic in a cup and an absolute coffee beverage win! 



Cold Brew Coffee is less acidic, making your stomach much happier.


Cold Brew Coffee contains more
caffeine than your standard cup of joe.


The nitro provides a silky and creamy texture without any added dairy or sweeteners.


Our water goes through a 5-step filtration process, improving the taste and quality of our brews.


Quality coffee, fair trade and sustainability
is always a focus of ours as we pursue
premium coffee. 


Nothing artificial. Lots of organic. It's simply coffee, water & nitro.


NITRO batch:
The Original


Med-dark roast | organic | Fair-Trade



our story
and mission


It was a combination of ideas and desires that ultimately led to the formation of Open Road Coffee Company. It was about personal fulfillment and giving back. Being connected - with each other and with nature, spreading smiles, and doing our part in making this world a brighter place. We decided to drop everything and focus solely on creating an experience unlike any other; combining many of the things we love and desire most out of this life into one big idea that we can share and that will allow us to help others in need. 

Once we figured out that this was our path, it was several months and many a blood, sweat and tears later that we had a beautifully restored Mercedes Benz Omnibus and some deliciously crafted cold brew. Ready and eager to hit the road, it was an easy decision to head back to our roots at the base of Glacier National Park where we’d be introducing a product and experience unlike any other to some of the best people in one of the most beautiful and inspiring places! This is where our journey has begun and we hope you will come be a part of our story. 


Nitro batch:

subtle smoky flavor, chocolate, nutty

medium dark, roasted over wood fire | organic


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of our journey

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